We have been providing an easy way for visitors to look for email addresses across multiple search engines, white page and directory services since 1998...

We DO NOT maintain any email databases ourselves. We simply pass all search requests directly on to 3rd parties.

It's therefore impossible for us to "remove" you from a particular email directory, since we don't own any of them! You'll just be wasting your time (and ours) asking us to do so. Instead, you have to take the issue up with the site in question.

In other words, this site is designed as a convenient central "gateway" to multiple email search sites belonging to other people.

Kindly also note that we do not accept advertising requests at this time.

Finally, please note that we NEVER send outgoing email from this website. So if you have received an email supposedly from an "address.is" email account, then the sender's From line has been forged.